Professional Forex Trading from beginner to Expert

Global FX Forex Training - Intermediate Lessons

Generating a trade idea based on fundamental, technical, and sentimental valuations.

  • Lesson 1Trading (Ways For You To Act On This Info)
  • Lesson 2Market (How the Time of Day Changes How the Market Moves)
  • Lesson 3Analysis (Fundy, Tech, Sentiment)
  • Lesson 4Fundamental Economics of FX
  • Lesson 5Technical Analysis (Reading The Charts)
  • Lesson 6Lagging vs. Leading Technical Indicators
  • Lesson 7Time Frame Analysis
  • Lesson 8Sentiment Analysis: Finding Opportunity In Trader Sentiment

Trading (Ways For You To Act On This Info)

Market (How the Time of Day Changes How the Market Moves

    • Trading the World
      • London
      • US
      • Asia
    • FX 24 Hours Per Day
    • The Three Major Trading Sessions

Analysis (Fundy, Tech, Sentiment)

Fundamental Economics of FX

    • Interest Rates in the FX Market
    • Interest Rate expectations
    • How a Currency Can Change the World
      • GDP
      • CPI
      • PPI
      • ISM
        • What is NFP?
        • NFP: The Monthly Market Mover
    • The Economic Calendar
    • Central Banks: A study of policy and effects
      • The Fed
      • ECB
      • BOE
      • SNB
        • Central Bank Intervention

Technical Analysis (Reading The Charts)

    • Introduction to Charting
    • The trend is your friend
    • The Most Important Consideration When Trading Forex
    • Be Fashionable, Trade Trends
      • Build your trading plan around the strongest currencies
    • Support and Resistance
      • How to Trade with S&R Part 1
    • Charting Indicators
    • Introduction to Indicators
      • Discovering the Best indicators to use
      • An indicator has no concept of Trend
      • Four Highly effective indicators every trader should know
      • Moving Averages
        • The 200 Day Moving Average
        • EMA
      • RSI
      • Stochastics
      • Slow stochastics v/s Fast stochastics
      • What you need to know about overbought and oversold
      • MACD
      • An easy way to enter using Histograms
      • Indicators are like golf clubs

Lagging vs. Leading Technical Indicators

    • Should You Be Using Lagging Or Leading Chart Indicators?
    • A lagging indicator can benefit your trading
    • Can you use Fibonacci as a leading indicator?
      • Benefits of using lagging indicators

Time Frame Analysis

    • Chart Time Frames
    • Multiple Time Frame Analysis
    • Discover Multiple Time Frame Analysis
    • Unlocking the Secrets of Multiple Time Frame Analysis
    • The Time Frames of Trading (Advanced)

Sentiment Analysis (Finding Opportunity In Trader Sentiment)

    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Learn the Basics of SSI
      • Client Sentiment
      • Commitment of Traders
Course Fees
Part One Programme (Beginner Level & Intermediate Level) Part Two Programme (Advanced Level & Expert/Professional Level)
  • Beginner Level (USD 200)
  • Advanced Level
  • Intermediate Level
  • Expert/Professional Level
Total Course Fee for (Part 1): GHC 1,300 Total Course Fee for (Part 2): GHC 1,700
NB: Course Duration: One month (two weeks for each level) NB: Course Duration: One month (two weeks for each level)


  • Course Fee includes, course materials, tuition and certificate
  • Fees are fully paid before each level is started.


Global FX Institute Limited

We are an online forex training institution based in Accra, Ghana that provides well-structured practical training programs that fully equip students for the forex trading world.

We offer a life time mentorship programme aimed at assisting students to be full time, successful professional forex traders.

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